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Wild Horses

Have questions?

Where are the lessons offered?

Lessons will take place at the barn of the coach you choose! We work with certified coaches in different areas of Zone 3 including Geary, Cambridge-Narrows, Charters Settlement, Hanwell, Burtts Corner, Royal Road and more! 

I don't have a car. Can my child still apply to this program?



Maybe. Unfortunately, barns are located outside city limits and parents or guardians are responsible for getting their child to the barns at the beginning of the lesson and taking them home after the lesson (they cannot be left there for several hours). However, we provide a transportation allowance to parents and if they have a friend or family member who has a vehicle, they may make private arrangement to have their child transported to lessons. 

Which families qualify for this program?

Families whose household income falls below what the Human Development Council has determined to be the basic living wage in Fredericton can apply. For example, if the total household income (before tax) of a family of four is less than $83,869. then that family would qualify! 

My child has a diagnosis or is differently abled. Can they apply to this program?

Yes! We are an inclusive program and try our best to match each participant with the appropriate coach. If adaptive equipment is required, your child may have to ride at a special facility and lessons may look different for them, but they can still benefit from the program! 

Someone who lives close to me gives riding lessons. Can I do the Leg Up Program with them?

If this person is a certified coach, then they may add their name to our list of participating coaches. To find out if this person is a certified coach, you can search here: (under "Zone", select "Capital"). Coaches who are not certified cannot participate in the program. 

My child already rides with a coach, but my family is really struggling to pay for lessons. Can we apply to this program?

Yes! If your household income falls below the threshold, then you can apply to the Leg Up Program even if your child has already taken riding lessons. 

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